/Problems at the polls We want to hear from you

Problems at the polls We want to hear from you

Mississippi Today will have a team consisting of veterans journalists from across the state. They will be monitoring the progress of the election, listening to voters and reacting quickly to any developments involving long lines, voter suppression, intimidation, or other issues. Mississippi Today’s non-partisan, nonpartisan news team will provide coverage throughout the state. They are committed to ensuring a free and fair election. We need you to join the team. We want to know if you have any concerns about your local polling station. Please fill out the form below to let us know. You can view live updates from Mississippi Today here. You may also alert us to problems by calling “>601-600-6201 or email tips@mississippitoday.org. Our social media platforms will be monitored throughout the day. Follow us @MSTODAYNews Text MSELEX to 601-633-2220 to join our election text line. For answers to common questions, visit our Election FAQ. This FAQ is constantly being updated. ELECTION COVERAGE – Mississippi Today will continue to cover the 2020 election.