/Reeves hoping to garner endorsement from Waller like he did in past hard-fought campaign

Reeves hoping to garner endorsement from Waller like he did in past hard-fought campaign

Reeves won the election but Hewes won the native Gulf Coast by a wide margin. After the election, Lieutenant Governor. Reeves was quick to get to work on building support for the next election on the Gulf Coast. Hewes went on to be elected mayor of Gulfport and began singing Reeves’ praises. Hewes supported him again in the governor’s race this year. Reeves’ efforts to strengthen his Gulf Coast support paid off Tuesday night with his Republican primary victory against Bill Waller Jr., former Supreme Court Chief Judge. Reeves’ strong support from the Gulf Coast would have prevented him from achieving his goal of occupying Governor’s Mansion in January. Reeves’ Gulf Coast support made Tuesday’s runoff election very suspenseful. It remains to be seen if Reeves will garner Waller’s support, as he did with Hewes. Waller wasn’t ready to endorse Reeves at election night. Reeves’ accusations that he was a Liberal were taken personally by the former Supreme Court chief judge. What could be more damaging for a Mississippi politician that being called a liberal? Waller stated that “Things about me were personal” when asked by a reporter if he would support his fellow Republican candidate. Reeves may find it harder to win Waller’s support than Hewes or other Gulf Coast officials who have previously rejected him. Reeves’ strong performance on the Gulf Coast follows the passage of $24.5million in bonds to finance the Mississippi Aquarium in Gulfport. This attraction is considered a major tourist attraction in the region. Hewes lobbyed the Legislature to pass the bonds that will help fund the $93 million aquarium. As lieutenant governor, Reeves was the one who decided which bonds were passed. This is obvious to anyone who has ever been a part of the legislative process. Hewes and other Gulf Coast officials were grateful for Reeves’ willingness to pass the bonds that will finance the aquarium, which is expected to open in the next few months. Reeves remained firm with Gulf Coast officials in order to ensure that their counties received $700 million of funds. This was to offset the loss revenue from the 2010 BP Oil Spill. This money, which is part of a $2.4billion settlement with BP, was intended to compensate the state’s loss of revenue due to the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Many lawmakers from other parts of the state claimed their districts should receive a greater share of the money, since the revenue lost would normally have been divided up statewide. However, residents and politicians from the Gulf Coast argued that their region was the most affected by the man-made catastrophe. Therefore, the settlement funds should go to projects to improve their region. Reeves insisted that the majority of the revenue should be distributed to the Gulf Coast counties. The Legislature eventually approved this position, which is another reason the Gulf Coast should be grateful to Reeves. Reeves’ Democratic opponent in November was Jim Hood. Hood also played a crucial role in negotiating the settlement. Hood said that the majority of the money should be given to the Gulf Coast. Reeves will no doubt be trying to win Waller over in the coming weeks. He might. Waller’s political career is likely to end, but not like Hewes. Waller announced his resignation from the Supreme Court in December, stating that he intended to continue teaching and spending time with his family. Waller was late to the race for governor. Waller, 67, is unlikely to run for another office. Hood called Waller after Waller lost to Reeves in the runoff. Hood praised his campaign. Hood claimed that Reeves was “just making things up.” Judge Waller is not to blame for his decision not to endorse him…And that silence means so very much that I will see many of his voters back me this fall.” Reeves stated after winning Tuesday’s “… Reeves said that he has always respected Judge Waller…I respect all who voted today for him. Many good people voted today for him. “I heard you and I’m determined bring this party together in November.” It is possible that Waller won’t endorse Hood. Reeves can most likely win November without Waller’s endorsement. However, Reeves’ past shows that endorsements from foes are beneficial._x000D