/Reeves, self-proclaimed ‘numbers guy,’ is ignoring big numbers

Reeves, self-proclaimed ‘numbers guy,’ is ignoring big numbers

On social media, he did this on Nov. 19, as well as on numerous other occasions. At his news conferences, he’s been known to remind reporters. Former financial portfolio manager likes to get away from the numbers and engage with political and social commentary. He does this a lot via social media and at his news conferences. Reeves made some similar comments when the U.S. Supreme Court revoked parts of President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. The self-described “numbers guy”, however, ignored significant numbers when he called Biden a “tyrant” for trying to impose a coronavirus vaccine mandate on large companies, entities with contracts with federal government and medical providers who accept federal funds. The governor declared on social media that “it’s a tyrannical decision” when the president issued the mandate last year. Biden’s proposal to mandate vaccines contained some numbers. These numbers represent literally thousands of Americans who die each day due to COVID-19. His vaccine mandate was intended to prevent such deaths, the president stated. While reasonable minds may disagree on whether Biden was authorized to impose this mandate, it is clear that they did. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president does not have the power to impose the mandate on companies employing 100 or more. This same court also ruled that he could impose the mandate upon health care providers. The question pending before courts is whether he can force entities with federal contracts to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees. Reeves described the Supreme Court’s decision blocking the mandate as “a major loss to politicians who believe they are above law and can wield control with a total disregard of the long-term consequences for the bedrock our treasured democracy.” Mississippi is the state that has the highest COVID-19 death rate, while Mississippi ranks second in vaccinations. Mississippi is the worst state for coronavirus deaths at 3,587 per 1,000,000. Arizona is second at 3,422 while Alabama is third. All of Mississippi’s contiguous state are among the top 10, except Tennessee. Reeves stated that Mississippi would soon be no longer the country’s leader in virus deaths when the Biden administration sent health care workers to Mississippi. Reeves predicted that the death rate in Mississippi would be outpaced by other states as the variant spreads. According to the numbers, this has not happened as of mid-January. Reeves stated that the proposed mandate for Biden was made in the midst a deadly COVID-19 summer. “Every tyrant has ever said what they want to do is best for the people.” It doesn’t stop there. This is not representative government. This is not a true democracy. That is tyranny.” Reeves did not see the tyrannical attempts of Donald Trump and his associates to destroy “our treasured democracy” through trying to sabotage the will of the people. Reeves also didn’t criticize Trump supporters who were urged by Trump to stop Congress from certifying the election. Reeves was asked whether the mandate for vaccines was more oppressive than the efforts of the former president. He replied, “That seems like a false choice…I really can’t comment.” Reeves continued to doubt the results of the 2020 election. Reeves criticized states for their early voting. However, many people had been voting early for years and never complained when Reeves won the state. Reeves supported Lynn Fitch, Mississippi Attorney General,’s participation in a lawsuit which, if it was successful, would have thrown away more than 20,000,000 votes. That is quite a large number. The case was dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court, the same court that rejected Biden’s mandate to vaccine big-company companies. Fitch and Reeves supported Biden’s lawsuit, which stated that Biden had “less than one in four quadrillion to win the fourth power” chance in winning the election in four swing states. Bloomberg Businessweek says that “less than one in four billion” is the chance of Biden winning the election in four key swing states. These are big numbers, even for Reeves who is a numbers person.