/Rep Jay Hughes running for lieutenant governor in 2019

Rep Jay Hughes running for lieutenant governor in 2019

Hughes, who is currently serving his first term as a legislator, launched the campaign in Jackson, Mississippi, on Thursday morning. This was more than 19 months away from the 2019 November general elections. Hughes stated that Mississippi is ready for something new. Hughes said, “I see a better way to run our state’s affairs. I believe Mississippians are tired to send the same career politicians to the Capitol repeatedly and again.” Hughes spent the last several months touring the state, hinting at a run as lieutenant governor. He is currently the leader of the state Senate. Through social media and email lists, he has developed a large following that informs Mississippians about what’s happening inside the Capitol. Hughes stated in a Thursday statement that his catchphrase is “It All Starts with Education.” He tags every email or post with the phrase. Where every child has the teacher that it needs. Every child graduates high school and is prepared for college or work. “We have to make public education available to our 477,000 children and real earning skills for all Mississippians our highest priorities. This is our largest economic tool to attract full-time, real wage jobs. Hughes will be making announcements throughout the state, including stops in Biloxi, Hattiesburg and Meridian. Hughes’ announcement can be viewed here.