/Senate debate set for Oct 4 – Espy, McDaniel all in but Hyde-Smith not committing

Senate debate set for Oct 4 – Espy, McDaniel all in but Hyde-Smith not committing

According to a news release by the debate partners, Chris McDaniel and Mike Espy have agreed to take part in the Millsaps debate on Oct. 4. Tobey Bartee (a Gautier Democrat) will also be participating. However, Sen. Hyde Smith has resisted the temptation to commit. At a Ridgeland campaign event last week, Sen. Hyde Smith stated that the Senate’s slim Republican majority made her worried about missing votes. We will see how the scheduling works out and if it is successful. Hyde-Smith stated that they are extremely busy and cannot afford to miss a vote because of the margin. “We have enough votes to pass things and nobody can afford to miss that,” Hyde-Smith said. Melissa Scallan, a spokesperson, stated that Senator Hyde Smith would be open for debate if her schedule permits. Hyde-Smith was invited to debate twice – one on October 4th and one on October 23rd. We have informed the organizers that Hyde-Smith will be present in D.C. on both dates. “She is not going to miss votes to participate in debate.” The debate will begin at 7 p.m. in Recital Hall at Millsaps’ Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex. It is a private school in Jackson. The public is welcome to participate in the debate on a first come basis. The debate will begin at 6:15 p.m. and will be broadcast live on Mississippi Public Broadcasting Television as well as MPB Think Radio. According to the news release, Hyde-Smith was invited to join in the debate. Gov. Hyde-Smith appointed Republican Hyde Smith to the U.S. Senate position. After Thad Cochran, the long-serving incumbent, resigned in March due to health reasons, Phil Bryant was appointed to the U.S. Senate post. Hyde-Smith, the former commissioner of state agriculture and commerce, state senator McDaniel, Ellisville, and former U.S. Rep. Espy who served as secretary for agriculture in the Clinton administration, will be competing in a Nov. 6, special election. Bartee is a former Navy intelligence officers officer. A runoff between the top vote-getters of each party will take place two weeks later if no candidate wins a majority. Robert W. Pearigen, Millsaps president, said that this is an important election in the state and country. “Millsaps is proud to be a public forum for important conversations on political, social, and economic topics. We look forward to hosting them next month,” said Ronnie Agnew of Mississippi Public Broadcasting. “Live debates offer a unique opportunity to listen to candidates address crucial issues that are important to us all.” We are thrilled to partner with Millsaps College in broadcasting this crucial debate on our state television and radio networks. This debate will assist Mississippians in making informed decisions when they vote._x000D