/Senator pushes back on ‘religious freedom’ law, but chances are slim

Senator pushes back on ‘religious freedom’ law, but chances are slim

Senator Deborah Dawkins (D-Pass Christian) filed the Senate resolution regarding the law signed by Gov. Phil Bryant. Jay Hughes (D-Oxford) filed a similar resolution to the House of Representatives. This is why Dawkins filed Thursday’s Senate resolution. Dawkins stated that it is impossible to quantify the loss of jobs and money due to (the religious freedom legislation). “Most companies don’t like to fly into a beehive. They want to be welcomed with open arms and they don’t like being in a nest of bees. “This resolution is to make sure that we have everything covered, because you never know what might happen.” Bryant signed the bill with other Republican leaders. He said it protects religious believers from being punished. Circuit court clerks and business owners can refuse to serve same-sex couples on the basis of religious convictions. Many state and local leaders across the country have now banned government-funded travel from Mississippi, and many artists have cancelled plans to perform there. Both the Senate and House resolutions have a long road ahead. First, Lt. Gov. First, Tate Reeves (R-Florence) and House Speaker Philip Gunn (R-Clinton) would need to agree to send resolutions to their respective rules commissions. The rules committees would decide whether or not to bring the bills to the floor. To move the repeal forward, the two-thirds vote in each house on the floor would be required. The governor will then decide whether or not to sign it. Dawkins stated that although the chances of it passing committee are slim, they never know what might happen. It had to be done. It had to be done.”