/Who you got Vivians McCowan Or both

Who you got Vivians McCowan Or both

It’s true. It’s rare that I have ever seen a player improve their game as much between her senior and junior seasons. She has been really, really great all three seasons. But, this season, she seems to be a far better player. She is now a 52.4 percent shooter, up from a high-30s% shooter the previous three years. She was a 30 percent 3-point shooter in her past. This year, she is a 41.7% 3-point shooter. She was a 74% free throw shooter in her first three seasons and is now at 83%. She was a 16-point scorer in her first three seasons. This season, she is averaging 19.2 points per game while taking fewer shots. She rebounded better, turned the ball over less and played better defense. She is a first-team All-American. Teaira McCowan, a junior, is a player who averages 20.6 point per game, 12.9 rebound and two blocked shots. She changes the way each opponent approaches the game. She is also a first-team All-American. The Gillom award goes to Mississippi’s “most outstanding” player. Which player should you choose? Truth be told, neither player seems to care. Both appear to be aiming for one goal, which has nothing to do the individual honors. Although there is still plenty of basketball to be played, this is the one time I wish we could vote on two. The Howell Trophy is awarded to the best male player. It is still too early for us to limit our focus to just two or three players. Many teams currently have at least two players who could have a chance. This story will be told in February. *** I was writing recently about Mississippi’s love for the New Orleans Saints and its long-standing ties to them. I tried to get information on the state’s NFL TV ratings for that column. Although they were not readily available, RaMona Alexander (general manager of Fox 40-WDBD) did provide me with some information. She wrote that “The Saints broadcasts remain the No. They are the #1 viewed program in this market, particularly since they are playoff bound. They are the best in this market. *** Now, let’s find out how great Philadephia Eagles defense tackle Fletcher Cox is, the Yazoo City-based and Mississippi State hero who will face the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII. Let’s say this: Cox should be the first sentence in any discussion about the best defensive tackle in football. He is that good. He’s the best defensive tackle I’ve seen. Most have him in the top 3. In November, Cox was rated No.1 by an Associated Press panel consisting of NFL experts. Cox was ranked 3 behind No. 1 Aaron Donald of Los Angeles Rams, and Ndamukong Suh from the Miami Dolphins. NFL Madden 18 had Cox No. 3 behind No. 1 Suh, Geno Atkins and the Cincinnati Bengals. Cox was No. The Eagles were the No. 1 team in terms of defense against the run. The Eagles had the No. 1 defense against the run this season in the NFL. Many opponents double-team him, which allows other Eagles defenses to make plays. Cox certainly is one of the most highly paid players in the league. In the second year, he earned $9.2million. This was in his second year of a $102 million six-year contract. He is expected to earn $17.9million in 2018.