/Tenth Mississippi child dies of COVID-19

Tenth Mississippi child dies of COVID-19

Only information available regarding the death was that the child was less than 18 years old. All Mississippi pediatric deaths resulting from COVID-19 were among those who had not been vaccinated. Paul Byers, a state epidemiologist, stated that vaccination is the best way to protect our children. “It is crucial that all children under 5 years old are vaccinated.” Mississippi has the lowest rates of vaccination nationally and in every age group. According to data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 7% of Mississippi’s children aged 5-11 years have received at least one dose COVID-19 vaccine. This is compared to 19% nationally. Although the Mississippi vaccination rate for children aged 12-17 is higher (37%), it still falls behind the 54% national rate. Every pediatric death is tragic. Every child was not vaccinated. Many children were not eligible,” Dr. Anita Henderson (president of the Mississippi Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics) said in a tweet after the announcement. “Children rely on adults for protection. Please… Get vaccinated, if you are eligible. Mississippi also has one of the highest COVID-19 deaths in the country. Most of the deaths in Mississippi have occurred among the elderly. All children five years old and over can receive COVID-19 vaccinations at their county health departments. To prevent death and hospitalizations, the MSDH recommends that children over 12 years old receive booster shots. For all COVID-19-related pediatric deaths in Mississippi, the following age ranges apply: