/The Server How a good attitude opens doors

The Server How a good attitude opens doors

What a difference a positive attitude can make! After everyone left, I took a few minutes to finish my lunch. It’s difficult to eat and talk at the same moment. Then I met a very talented, upbeat server who was cleaning the area. I interrogated her and asked her a few questions. She said she is a Mississippi State student who studies aeronautical engineering. That was fine. Her ability to communicate with others and her friendliness were also impressive. Her hustle and attitude stood out. She told me how she met someone at the restaurant that helped her get a job as a co-op at an aeronautical company. We discussed how college is all about making connections. She credited her restaurant job for helping her get to the next level of her career. I stated that I really expected her to be named CEO within 20 years. The thing is, she has a big dream (that includes calculus!). It seems that being a server doesn’t seem like a good fit. She has made her dream come true because she is a winner at her job. Serving customers is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity. This is how you do it. I was satisfied with the salad. It was a feast for the eyes to meet her. How can we use our current circumstances to help us achieve our dreams? My reflection makes me wonder how I can improve my attitude. As I left, I wished her luck. She doesn’t seem to need luck, but I have to admit, it is not something that I would recommend. She seems to have everything under control.