/Thomas Hudson named new JSU president

Thomas Hudson named new JSU president

Steven Cunningham, a Jackson State University alumnus said that he was delighted to have chosen one of his classmates as the president. “We have seen the tremendous strides he made over the last nine months. We have full confidence that his outstanding leadership will continue to show the love he has for the university.” According to an IHL press release, Cunningham served as the special assistant to the president and chief diversity officer at Jackson State University. “I am humbled to come to you, and I want to make a difference. I have been a Jackson resident for my entire life and I am an alumnus. Cunningham stated that he has been with the university for as long as he’s been alive. Cunningham’s appointment is a positive sign that a turbulent period of leadership changes at JSU has come to an end. The IHL board elected William Bynum, then president of Mississippi Valley State University, to be the president of JSU in 2017, despite protests from alumni, students, and faculty. According to Clarion-Ledger reports, Bynum was charged with procuring the services a prostitute and false identification, and possessing marijuana. It really hurts universities when they have to stop and start over (with the presidential leadership). It is a threat to our stability and long-term growth. Hudson stated that Jackson State University needs stability. Hudson was appointed interim president following the departure of Bynum, just in the time that the pandemic began. Hudson stated that he hopes his status as a Jackson resident and a JSU alumnus will help ease the JSU community’s frustration with the lack of stability at university. Hudson stated, “This is personal for me.” It’s all about my family. It’s history, it’s legacy. It’s something that I am already very involved in.”