/Top CEO warns of national boycott if lawmakers put state flag on ballot

Top CEO warns of national boycott if lawmakers put state flag on ballot

As the pressure to change the flag grew, lawmakers considered two options. Either adopting a new official state flag, or allowing the Mississippi voters to decide what happens to the current flag. Mississippi voters voted almost 2-to-1 in favor of keeping the current design in 2001. Leaders supporting changing the flag worry that a similar outcome could stall efforts to change it for many years. Leaders in the Senate and the House did not feel they had enough votes Monday to either change the flag or place the issue on the November ballot. The 2020 legislative session will be ended by lawmakers on Friday. Sanderson is one of the most prominent business leaders in the state and has called on lawmakers to change the state’s flag. He is a major campaign donor to Governor Jackson and has the ears of all Jackson politicians. Tate Reeves, and Lt. Governor. Delbert Hosemann. He has been providing economic development advice to the state’s most powerful politicians for decades. He believes that it is the state’s leaders and not the voters who should immediately change the flag. Sanderson stated that the Confederate battle banner is included in the state flag. This offenses 38 percent of our population and makes them feel bad. He said that he believes our flag should be unifying and not divisive. The flag is not part the fabric of this country. “The flag is not part of the fabric of this state.