/Treasurer candidates present plans to manage state’s resources at Neshoba County Fair

Treasurer candidates present plans to manage state’s resources at Neshoba County Fair

McRae is a Madison lawyer and businessman who boasted endorsements from governors and county chairmen. All vocal Trump supporters, Phil Bryant. “Mine isn’t the swampy, watery conservatism for lobbyists or bureaucrats. McRae stated that his kind of conservatism was for the Trump era. McRae then pointed out that people misunderstand the treasurer as someone who “guards” the piggy bank and stated that he would work to increase the state’s revenue. McRae also included his four-point plan to run the office in his speech. McRae stated that he would make sure that the deals he made to companies were going to benefit Mississippi today and tomorrow. McRae thanked Clarke for his clean race, and called it refreshing. Clarke, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee focused his speech on 16 years as a member of the state Senate. Clarke stated, “It’s a Delta saying that I was warm when I arrived, but now I’m hot.” Clarke spoke about his achievements during his eight-year tenure as chair of the Appropriations Committee. Clarke recalled a time in which the state budget had nearly $200 million of what he called “onetime money”. These were recurring expenses that the Legislature didn’t have funding for beyond one year. “It’s just like your personal budget. You’ll make ends meet the month you sell your couch. Clarke stated that you will need to find a new sofa the next month. Clarke stated that there is no one-time money in the budget and that the $500 million in state’s rainy days fund and that will help keep the interest rate low. Clarke also spoke out about the importance of the financial briefing that the state auditor and treasurer present to the Legislature each session. Clarke stated that both the ability to understand the data and the confidence required to give useful information are essential for delivering the briefing. Clarke made a direct remark at McRae who has given $1 million to his campaign. On Nov 5, the Republican winner will face Addie Lee, a former Bolton alderwoman. Green surprised many by making an appearance at the fair on Thursday. She gave the final speech of the day, wearing a sunhat and a blouse with the American flag. Green pulled out a real piggy bank to show that she was capable of handling the state’s money. Green encouraged people to vote by jokingly saying that they shouldn’t be able to walk to the polls. She then demonstrated the steps on stage and encouraged them to vote. Green stated “… “I want it to get to the people, and not in one or two government hands.”