/Wicker, Hyde-Smith defend president’s comments on Kavanaugh accuser

Wicker, Hyde-Smith defend president’s comments on Kavanaugh accuser

Roger Wicker of Tupelo, and Cindy Hyde-Smith, of Brookhaven were both present for remarks in Southaven, where Trump mocked Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee. Hyde-Smith, who traveled with Wicker from Washington, D.C. to the Mississippi rally aboard Air Force One, said that “I believe Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed based upon his impeccable qualifications.” The Senate has taken the issue of sexual assaults and harassment seriously. Mississippians are outraged that Senator Democrats used unproven accusations to drag Judge Kavanaugh’s family through the mud. “While I believe that both the accuser as well as the accused should be treated with respect,” Wicker stated, “It was clear for me that the president was pointing to the lack of evidence and witnesses to support Judge Kavanaugh’s allegations.” There are so many lies, unsubstantiated claims and other smears about Judge Kavanaugh that I don’t think it’s surprising that the DeSoto County crowd cheered and laughed as Trump mocked Ford, a California researcher psychologist. Stuart Stevens, a Mississippian and Republican campaign consultant who worked on many Senate campaigns and for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, stated on social media that “Mississippians” I know did not agree on politics, but laughed at mocking pain-educated people. It is antithetical Christian compassion. “Who are these people?” Senators Jeff Flake (Arizona), Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), who demanded that the FBI investigate the allegations of sexual assault before the Senate votes on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, condemned the remarks of the president. Collins called the remarks “plain wrong.” Governor Phil Bryant, and Lt. Governor. Tate Reeves was also present at the rally, but he did not answer Wednesday’s questions. Trump mocked Ford and said “Think of Your Son.” Consider your husband.” On the comments, David Baria (D-Bay St. Louis), who is running against Wicker said that he was “very disappointed. It degrades the office of president. It also undermines Dr. Blasey’s courageous action and keeps other victims of sexual abuse from coming forward.” He said he hoped Wicker and Hyde Smith would oppose the comments, but he was not optimistic. Mike Espy (the former secretary of agriculture under the Clinton administration) and Chris McDaniel (State Senator from Ellisville), who are both challenging Hyde Smith in the Nov.6 election, didn’t respond to questions regarding the president’s remarks. McDaniel, the former secretary of agriculture in Clinton’s administration, has supported Kavanaugh. Espy advocated for more information before a Senate vote to confirm his nomination.