/Wildlife, Fisheries, Parks director retiring after 29 years

Wildlife, Fisheries, Parks director retiring after 29 years

Polles stated Monday that the department was one of very few agencies that has a direct impact on citizens’ lives in this state. He made the remarks to employees of MDWFP. Polles was appointed by Gov. Kirk Fordice was the first governor to appoint Polles in 1992. Polles stated that the Wildlife Management Areas offer high-quality hunting opportunities to the sporting public. He also said that the state lakes system and other public waterways give anglers legendary fishing experiences that will be shared with their families and friends for many generations. Polles resigned on Tuesday. Lynn Posey, Deputy Director of the agency, stated that he would temporarily supervise operations until a permanent interim director is appointed. Posey stated that Polles’ retirement is the end of an era. “I think that he’s done a great job,” MDWFP is managed by a five-member committee, which is appointed by the governor. The commission submits a list to the governor with three names to choose from. This selection must be approved by the state Senate. Commissioner Leonard Bentz said: “Dr. Over the past 29 years, Polles has been an outstanding leader for the department. His leadership helped to make that department a professional organization. His leadership was not appreciated by everyone. Louie Miller, Director of the Mississippi Sierra Club, stated that “sadly under Dr. Polles’ tenure, state parks were allowed to deteriorate from what used to be a showcase for Mississippi into the dilapidated state they are currently in.” READ OTHER: The move to privatize Mississippi’s state parks was halted. READ MORE: During heated debate MDWFP issued a request to tender for private companies to handle operations at Hugh White, John Kyle and John P. Cossar, Wall Doxey Miller and others opposed to the move claim it is not timed as the state has billions in federal stimulus money that could help improve its parks. MDWFP, which has suffered budget cuts for many years, said that it doesn’t have enough money to upgrade or maintain the state’s 25 parks.