/Will governor candidates debate ‘Anytime and anywhere,’ Hood says ‘Bring it on,’ Reeves’ campaign says

Will governor candidates debate ‘Anytime and anywhere,’ Hood says ‘Bring it on,’ Reeves’ campaign says

Hood said, “I am available anytime and anywhere,” when asked about the possibility of debates prior to the Nov. 5 general elections. Parker Briden, spokesperson for Reeves, said “Bring it on.” “Tate looks forward to discussing Jim Hood’s liberal policy ideas. Hood has gone on many limbs to promote liberal positions on taxes and government health care. Hood stated that he would have at least three debates on the Republican nominee after Reeves defeated Bill Waller Jr. in Tuesday’s primary. Hood stated that he believes there should not be only debates in Jackson, but also in other parts of the state. Reeves was present in one debate with Waller, and Robert Foster (DeSoto County) before the Aug. 6, primary. Reeves was unable to attend additional debates with Foster and Waller. Reeves and Waller held a 30-minute debate between the Republican primary election and the runoff. This was necessary because no candidate received a majority of the vote. Hood stated that he hopes that the debates between him and Reeves will be long enough for candidates to address complicated issues. Hood said, “I want a panel consisting of journalists who have the facts and instantly fact-check” the candidates. To refute Reeves claim that Mississippi’s economy is expanding at its fastest rate ever, Hood cited statistics showing Mississippi is growing slower than the rest of the country and the surrounding states. Hood stated that journalists should also “call my hands” if Hood is incorrect. Hood refers to Waller’s past as a judge and says Hood wants to prosecute Reeves. Hood didn’t debate his seven Democratic primary opponents. Hood won the Aug. 6 Democratic primary with 69.9% of the vote, despite Reeves’ difficult primary that saw him lose. Hood and Reeves are competing for the Republican governorship. Phil Bryant cannot run for re-election due to term limits. Hood is running to become the state’s first Democratic governor, since 1999 when former-Lt. Governor Ronnie Musgrove was elected. Ronnie Musgrove was elected. Hood, a Chickasaw County resident has served four terms in the office of attorney general. Reeves is a Rankin County resident who has served two terms in the office of treasurer and two as lieutenant Governor.