/As state hits another record of coronavirus cases, Gov Tate Reeves reopens salons and gyms

As state hits another record of coronavirus cases, Gov Tate Reeves reopens salons and gyms

Reeves announced Friday that he would extend the state’s “Safer at Home” order to May 25. Reeves also announced a new executive directive that will allow hair salons and barbershops to open at 8 a.m. on May 11. This order is subject to strict guidelines. Reeves had earlier announced that restaurants would be able to offer in-house dining under certain guidelines. Reeves said, “I know these reactions to reopening certain industries will draw harsh critics. Reeves stated that he was not concerned about the reaction. “I can’t ask Mississippians to destroy their lives’ work and put their families at risk of starvation, because I’m afraid about some national media or because of my reputation,” Reeves said. The decision to reopen businesses came as Mississippi health officials announced that there were 404 confirmed cases. This is the most number of daily cases and the 13th death. Reeves cited Friday’s decrease in hospital demand and increased testing. Tuesday marked the beginning of a decline in all COVID-19 hospitalization stats — confirmed and suspected hospitalized as well as intensive care unit use, ventilator use and ICU use — when they were analyzed using a rolling seven day average. Reeves was asked if any other businesses, such as nail salons, are included in the order. He said that “salons and barber shops” and “other personal care and grooming facilities” are allowed to continue operating. More than 400 Mississippians had died of COVID-19 as of Thursday. More than 70 people have been killed in the last week, accounting for 20% of all deaths since the outbreak started almost two months ago. Long-term care facility residents were responsible for nearly 60% of all the deaths in the past week. Reeves’ executive orders will apply to these businesses. They must clean and disinfect their stores before they reopen. Hand sanitizers must also be used at all entrances. All employees must be tested for signs and symptoms on a daily basis. The gloves and masks must be changed by salon employees between customers. Gym employees must clean the equipment after every use. According to the order, salons and barbershops allow only one customer per employee. Customers are required to wait in their cars before they can go. A gym must have at minimum one employee to clean the equipment after each use. It cannot run at greater than 30% capacity. They are allowed to offer group and class exercises, provided that social distancing can be achieved. According to the release, gyms must be closed to the public at 10 p.m. every day. Reeves stated that he was confident that the industries he is reopening will do a better job monitoring themselves than any government agency. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to the Spring Member Drive today.