/Barbour backs Trump over ‘Obama on steroids’

Barbour backs Trump over ‘Obama on steroids’

Many GOP leaders across the country, including in Mississippi, announced their support of Trump even though they had previously supported other candidates such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Ohio Gov. After Trump’s win in the Indiana primary, John Kasich announced that their campaigns were suspended. Barbour, who was the leader of the national party from 1993 to 1997, has not publicly supported or endorsed any presidential candidate in this year’s election or in the two previous ones. In an interview on Thursday, Barbour said that he would continue to support Trump. Barbour stated that his mother used to tell him, “Life is a series or choices.” “In this instance, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is the choice. Because I don’t want to see Obama on steroids for another four years, I would prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. I’d rather have Trump as my chance than what I know from Hillary Clinton.” Clinton praised Obama’s job growth statistics and said that she hopes to maintain Obama’s gains in job creation since the recession. In April, the Clinton campaign unveiled an economic plan that aims to create jobs and preserve existing jobs in America. It also seeks to end tax incentives for companies that leave the United States. Barbour outlined talking points that Republicans could use to counter Clinton’s claims of economic recovery. He pointed out differences between Obama’s recovery and Reagan’s recovery. Barbour stated, “A 2.1-2.2 per cent economic growth based upon GDP doesn’t feel like recovery in many places.” Trump’s candidacy has received mixed reactions from Republicans. Trump’s comments about Muslims, immigration and foreign policies have made him a headline-grabbing New York real-estate mogul. Trump still won 47.3 percent (25 out of 40 delegates) during Mississippi’s March Republican Primary. Cruz earned 36.3 percent (15 delegates). Trump has repeatedly stated that he would unify the Republican party. Barbour, who was two years White House political director under Ronald Reagan, stated that Reagan’s ability and ability to unite the party will not be equaled if Trump is elected. Barbour stated that Reagan was “one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever been around in my lifetime.” “He wouldn’t believe some of what has been said about people to them. He would be shocked. He didn’t hate those on the opposite side. He believed they were Americans like him.” Gov. Phil Bryant previously supported Cruz. Also, U.S. Reps. Gregg Harper, Steven Palazzo. In a statement, Joe Nosef, the chairman of Mississippi’s GOP said that his party should “get behind Donald Trump.” However not all Republicans agree with him. U.S. Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin stated that he cannot support Trump yet on Thursday. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush said Friday that he wouldn’t support Trump but would support “principled conservatives” at both the state and federal level. Barbour stated that even though he may have personal differences with Trump, his obligation toward the Republican party outweighs any animus towards a candidate. Barbour stated, “Even though it’s not your thing, sometimes you just have to accept that people have a right to choose the nominee and that I have an obligation support him.”