/Want to try drawing new House, Senate districts Here’s how

Want to try drawing new House, Senate districts Here’s how

To schedule an appointment, call Ted Booth, executive Director of the Legislature’s Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review Committee at 601-359-1226. On weekdays, the offices and computers are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vice chair of the Redistricting Committee’s Senate Pro Tem Dean Kirby (R-Pearl), said that “we had many people to come and draw congressional district.” However, we have yet to see people want to draw legislative district.” The Redistricting Committee gave public access to the Redistricting Committee to allow people to draw their congressional maps. The Legislature is currently working on a plan to redraw four U.S. House district in Pennsylvania. The Legislature will likely take up the matter of redistricting the 52 state Senate seats and the 122 state House seats in the next session. READ MORE: Redistricting Committee is accused of violating public meetings law. The U.S. Congress and the state House districts are to be redrawn every ten years in accordance with population shifts determined by the decennial Census. Redistricting is required by federal and state law to be based on census data. The guidelines of Joint Legislative Redistricting Committee allow public access for three weeks so that the public can draw their own congressional districts. Three weeks is required to draw their state House and Senate district. The maps drawn by members of the public are available for public inspection. The task of redrawing four congressional districts is being completed by the Legislature. Because March 1 is the deadline for candidates to apply for congressional seats, the Legislature is taking swift action to redistrict the district. The primary election will take place in June. The Governor will receive a congressional redistricting plan. Tate Reeves will be addressing Tate Reeves in the next week. Later in the session, the 174 legislative districts will also be considered. 2023 is the date for legislative elections. READ MORE: House Republicans approve redistricting plan to create sprawling majority-Black congressional districts