/Gallery First Day of School for Neshoba County

Gallery First Day of School for Neshoba County

Nonprofit Mississippi News, PHILADELPHIA — Cody Killen, principal of Neshoba Central Middle school, walked through the school’s quiet hallways Wednesday morning before entering Kristian Swearingen’s English class on the first day. He was clearly excited, even though he was wearing an mask. Killen stated, “First of all I’ve missed all of you,” “When we left for spring break, I never thought that we would all see each other at the end or start the school year like this. We don’t want to leave campus, but we do it because we want to keep the school open. It means so much to us.” This week, the Neshoba County Schools District opened their doors to a new school year. Killen stated that “this won’t last forever.” Killen said, “This won’t last forever.”