/Governor endorsing contested primary races, but not picking sides in the GOP attorney general campaign

Governor endorsing contested primary races, but not picking sides in the GOP attorney general campaign

Morgan stated that the “governor would endorse after the primary,” where Treasurer Lynn Fitch and state Rep. Mark Baker, along with former Madison County supervisor Andy Taggart, are all vying for the nomination to be on the November ballot to succeed outgoing Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood. Bryant has not sided with the Republicans in a highly contested Republican primary for attorney General. This is unlike other contested primaries. Bryant has supported Lt. Governor. Tate Reeves is preferred to former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, Bill Waller Jr., and state rep. Robert Foster. State Sen. Michael Watson is the secretary of state over Sam Britton, Southern District Public Service Commissioner, and attorney David McRae is treasurer over state Senator Buck Clarke. Bryant will not be supporting AG, the only state office that his Republican Party hasn’t held since the 1800s. Bryant and Reeves didn’t always see eye to eye in the eight years they were governor and lieutenant governor. It is not surprising that Reeves is supporting the lieutenant governor. Reeves was long considered the favorite for the Republican nomination for Governor. Bryant should endorse Reeves as a candidate for governor. Bryant might be interested in continuing to influence public policy setting after he leaves office. Bryant’s long-time political consultant Josh Gregory is currently working on the Waller campaign. Waller was an unexpected entry to the governor’s race this year. It is also interesting that Gregory is currently working on the Watson campaign to become secretary of state. Bryant has, of course strongly supported Watson. Bryant stated on social media that Watson was “I look forward supporting his campaign in whatever way I can.” Watson was a member of the Senate, where Bryant served as lieutenant governor. They were close at the time. One could argue that Watson’s endorsement by Bryant might help heal divisions in the Republican Party during 2014’s primary for the U.S. Senate. Bryant was not far behind state senator Chris McDaniel in that divisive primary. McDaniel is a tea-party favorite and was opposed by the entire establishment of state parties, including Bryant. In 2018, Bryant’s conflict was intensified by McDaniel running against Cindy Hyde Smith in a special election to replace Thad Cochran. Cochran retired due to health reasons. Bryant had appointed Hyde-Smith to the position. Watson and McDaniel have been close friends for many years in the state Senate. McRae is the most surprising endorsement of Bryant, as he is a relative of the McRae Department Stores family. McRae’s Republican opponent, Clarke served as the lieutenant governor during Bryant’s term. Bryant’s leadership team was actually the first to redistrict Clarke’s Senate district 22, which is centered in the Democratic-based Delta and into Republican-voter-heavy Madison County, in 2011. This was to support Clarke’s reelection efforts. The redistricting plan that included Clarke’s gerrymandered district 22 was not approved due to conflicts with the House in 2011. The plan was approved in 2012 by Reeves, who was at the time the lieutenant governor. It was essentially the same plan that the Senate had drawn up under Bryant in order to assist Clarke. Haley Barbour, Bryant’s predecessor in the governorship, has also endorsed Clarke. Barbour stated in the letter that Buck is running a grassroots campaign to become our state treasurer. Buck’s opponent is wealthy and has extensive advertising budgets to win the election. Buck won’t be able match his opponent’s paid advertisement, but he could win if citizens’ voices prevail over all paid political advertising.” Bryant endorsed McRae via social media. Bryant stated that McRae and his family are longtime friends and supporter. Glad I could repay the favor.” Bryant was the lieutenant governor during Barbour’s tenure, and Bryant the governor. It was believed that Barbour, a strategist who had greater influence over the Senate than Bryant, who presided over it. It will be interesting for us to see who holds the most power now._x000D