/Kayleigh Skinner named Mississippi Today’s managing editor

Kayleigh Skinner named Mississippi Today’s managing editor

Skinner began her career with Mississippi Today in January 2017 as an education journalist. She has since become a senior staff member during her three years of service. Skinner was most recently the deputy managing editor, before she assumed the role as managing editor. “As a reporter Kayleigh helped shape our coverage, and held many of the most powerful Mississippians responsible,” stated Adam Ganucheau (Mississippi Today’s Editor in Chief). “She’s now an editor and has clearly demonstrated how important her voice is and her leadership in our newsroom.” Skinner is a Canadian native who has been covering education in the South for six-years. I couldn’t be more proud to work alongside her. She has been a Mississippi Today correspondent for six years, focusing on politics and education to help people in Mississippi. Skinner stated, “With newsrooms in decline across the state,” she said. “It is important to have diverse voices and opinions in the newsroom. I know this and am excited to assume the new leadership role at Mississippi Today and take a greater role in shaping and directing coverage. Skinner will be working alongside Ganucheau to oversee the newsroom’s enterprise and daily reporting and to develop a broader editorial strategy. She is part of Mississippi Today’s six person management team, where she plays an important role in organizational development as well as long-term vision for the newsroom’s growth. Mary Margaret White, Mississippi Today CEO, Executive Director, said that Kayleigh was crucial in leading our team through one the most significant news cycles in state history. This has helped to elevate our brand and readership at the highest levels since 2016. “Kayleigh has been a natural leader, and she has shown herself to be both a newsroom and a boardroom leader.” She is a rising star in journalism because she has the perfect mix of editorial chops, emotional intelligence, and both.