/Mississippi Today reflects on the last six years

Mississippi Today reflects on the last six years

These issues have been a topic of our reporting for many years. We continue to cover these issues and make public statements about them, which holds politicians and other public officials responsible. We won’t stop writing about it — we actually published an analysis of the state’s “irrevocably flawed” marriage laws in February during the current legislative session. This series on domestic violence was published by us. It highlighted the weaknesses in Mississippi’s laws and systems that make it vulnerable. Readers like you, who share our vision of Mississippi that is better informed and capable of making changes, make all of this possible. We can provide more coverage if we have continued support from our readers. Donations allow us to get deeper into the stories you care about. We can provide funding for all the behind-the scenes work and fund special projects that give our readers more insight into the important issues. To all our members: We are grateful for your support. To those who aren’t yet members: We appreciate your support and readership. We hope that you will join our passionate member community to celebrate our sixth year anniversary by making a donation. We need your help to reach our 60 member goal in six days. Mississippi Today will be celebrating its 6th anniversary next week by looking back at the top stories from the past.