/Rep Trent Kelly becomes highest ranking military official in US Congress

Rep Trent Kelly becomes highest ranking military official in US Congress

Kelly, a Republican from Saltillo, is the representative of Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. He previously served as a district lawyer in Northeast Mississippi. Kelly has over 35 years of military experience. Governor Tate Reeves said that Trent Kelly was no stranger to military service. Tate Reeves spoke at the ceremony. It’s his whole life. Kelly, a Union County native, enlisted in National Guard in 1985 at the tender age of 19. Kelly was mobilized in support of Operation Desert Storm in 90 and deployed to Iraq in both 2005 and 2009. Kelly, who was unable to help but cry at times, thanked his family and expressed gratitude for their support throughout his military service. Kelly said that even though his career is important, he wouldn’t have run for Congress if it wasn’t possible to serve simultaneously in National Guard. Kelly spoke highly of his military service, saying that it meant more to him. Kelly said that serving the great state and helping this great country in uniform is more important to him than anything he can do as civilian. The third-term congressman now holds the same military rank of G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery was a Mississippi House representative from 1967 to 1997. He retired in 1980 from the National Guard with the rank major general. Kelly admitted that Montgomery was not someone he knew well but that he had long considered him to be one of his role models due to his service both in the National Guard and in public life. Kelly was promoted to brigadier general on Saturday, marking the second time Kelly has been promoted while serving in Congress. Kelly was promoted to brigadier general in 2018. Maj. Gen. Janson Boysles, the adjutant-general of the Mississippi National Guard, said, “In honor of your, congratulations.” “And from all of you who wear the uniform alongside you, we are so proud to be here at this moment in your career.” Kelly has an associate’s Degree from East Central Community College, as well as a bachelor’s and law Degrees from the University of Mississippi and a master’s in strategic studies from U.S Army War College. Kelly is married to Sheila Kelly for 30 years and has three children, John Forrest Morgan, Morgan, and Jackson. Kelly was elected to the 1st Congressional District in a special election after the death of Alan Nunnelee, a former U.S. Rep. He has been serving in Congress ever since. He was re-elected to his first congressional seat in November. In January, he will be sworn in to office to serve his fourth term as a member of the House. He is expected to also sit on the small business and armed services committees.