/Schaefer to crowd after State’s big win ‘We’re not done’

Schaefer to crowd after State’s big win ‘We’re not done’

Schaefer thanked the seniors. He then recounted some of their remarkable accomplishments and thanked the crowd. Schaefer stated, “You’ve been special to these players.” “I hope they love you as much that you love them. The Bulldogs aren’t done, I hope. Clemson was beaten 85-61 by top-seeded State on Sunday night. This move moves State to 32-2 for the season and into NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16. State will face Arizona State Friday night in Portland. Clemson ended the season with a record of 20-13. Teaira McCowan, a college basketball player from Texas, proved why she was not named one of the four finalists to the Naismith Trophy. McCowan, who was playing her final game at The Hump, scored 30 points on 13 of 17 shooting. She also grabbed 11 rebounds and blocked six shots. McCowan also stole the ball twice. She altered more shots than she blocked, and she caused more shots to not be taken. She was the king of the paint. Anriel Howard, a senior (actually a graduate), scored 21 point, grabbed 14 rebounds, and blocked three shots. Jordan Danberry scored 18 points. Jazzmun Holmes, a fourth senior starter, was the show’s fourth star point guard. He had six points, seven assists, and on-ball defense all night. Clemson coach Amanda Butler kept referring to how fast State’s guards Holmes and Danberry are. They are lightning fast – and they are fast. Although we don’t know which one would win the foot race, we do know that it wouldn’t take too long. Schaefer stated, “I thought our guards had been really, really special tonight,” especially in the first quarter. “I saw Clemson’s defense score 52 of their 75 points the other evening. They did everything. They made everything. Schaefer stated, “I’ll accept that.” Schaefer claimed Friday night that Holmes and Danberry had already decided who would cover who. Schaefer stated, “You gotta love this.” They were already taking responsibility. They were prepared for the task. State led by 13 at quartertime, and by 19 at halftime. There was really only one moment of suspense. McCowan mysteriously left the court in the third quarter and went to the locker room. She was not hurt. Shortly thereafter, she returned to receive a standing ovation. McCowan smiled shyly afterward and said, “No comment.” Her coach sat just to her right and offered to help. McCowan interrupted, cutting him off with, “I said no comments.” Everyone had a good time. The tone changed to serious when McCowan mentioned the trip out west that was planned for later in the week. Schaefer stated, “I know everything about Arizona State.” “I am very familiar with their style. They are my favorite. They are something I enjoy watching. They are a very tough, aggressive, and physical basketball team. You are more likely to be busted if you don’t wear your hardhat when you play there.” Beat Arizona State, and the Bulldogs would most likely play the Oregon Ducks in what would be a home game for their home-state team. The Bulldogs know a lot about Oregon. The Ducks defeated the Dogs by 82 to 74 at Oregon on Dec. 18. It’s not easy to reach the Sweet 16 though. This is State’s fourth Sweet 16 consecutively – something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.