/Sister of new Supreme Court justice admits she swindled veterans

Sister of new Supreme Court justice admits she swindled veterans

Before Chief Judge Sharion Alycock of the U.S. District Court, Palasini, 54, stated that she is innocent of the charges against her. Standing before the judge, she stated that “I plead guilty”. Palasini was charged with multiple federal charges of fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering on July 14, 2015. After her North Mississippi plea, Palasini faces years in prison. However, she will not be sentenced before Aug. 10, after completing a pre-sentence review to help Aycock make a decision about her punishment. Palasini, also known as Gina is the sister to Dawn H. Beam from Sumrall, Mississippi Supreme Court Justice. She is currently serving a 10-year sentence in state prison for two false pretense convictions in Wayne and Pike Counties. She was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshal Service and left the courtroom. She is expected to remain in federal custody through her sentencing, and she was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshal Service. Palasini was charged with 12 federal fraud and swindles counts, six wire/radio/TV fraud counts, and one money laundering-fraud charge in DeSoto and Sunflower counties. In August 2015, she pleaded not guilty to all the charges. She could face up to 20 years imprisonment and $250,000 in fines for each. After signing various court documents, Palasini reportedly pleaded guilty to all charges. The 15-page indictment alleges that Palasini, from February 2009 to July 2012., devised and implemented a scheme to defraud veterans and senior citizens. She promoted the creation of fake businesses as a way to help them save money and receive benefits from Medicaid or the U.S. Veterans Administration. Palasini was cuffed at her ankles and wrists as she entered the courtroom wearing an orange Lafayette County Jail Inmate jumpsuit. Before the proceedings began, she smiled and spoke with Edward J. Bogen Jr., her attorney. Grady Porch (85) and Martha Huggart (85), both from Raymond, were in the audience. They claimed that Palasini defrauded Porch of $330,000. Today’s guilty plea did not address their loss. Aycock interrogated Palasini before she pleaded guilty to Count 1 for committing a mail fraud scheme against a man named Joseph A. Babb, Madison. Robert Coleman, the assistant U.S. Attorney, stated that Palasini had sent Babb an envelope containing a check stating that Babb was being deceived. The check contained interest on an annuity worth $250,000 plus. Palasini claimed she has been in federal or state custody since August 2014. According to records, she was serving her sentence at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Pearl. Coleman stated that the U.S. government has accepted her plea and will drop all other charges against Palasini. As a possible punishment, Aycock could bring restitution to the table. Coleman stated that a document called “Factual Basis”, detailed many accusations against Palasini. It claimed she used mail to defraud at most 12 senior citizens who believed they were making an interest in life insurance policies and annuities. He said that she used the money for her personal gain.