/The last thing I’m worried about’ Sen Hyde-Smith walks back willingness to debate Espy

The last thing I’m worried about’ Sen Hyde-Smith walks back willingness to debate Espy

Espy accepted two invitations to debate and publicly criticized Hyde-Smith for failing to do the same. Hyde-Smith said Wednesday that there are “just such stark differences.” “So why are there such stark differences and so much emphasis being placed on a discussion — if it were, if people wanted to hear, Mike Espy could be the most liberal candidate that we have ever had in Mississippi. “I’m a conservative so I don’t think many minds would be changed.” NEW FROM ME tonight at 10 on @WJTV Sen. @Cindyhydesmith will not commit to debating @MikeEspyMS right now. Listen. pic.twitter.com/Ot6NldJoHw — Gerald Harris (@GeraldHarrisTV) October 8, 2020 In two separate statements within the past week, Hyde-Smith suggested she might be willing to debate Espy. “I don’t know if my schedule will allow it. Hyde-Smith said that he is open to discussing him with WJTV, Oct. 2. “We have done that (in 2018). You know what? I am more focused on the issues at hand than I am on a debate right now. But I would not mind doing it at any time, if that schedule permits.” Mississippi political experts have concluded that Hyde Smith, who is known for making mistakes on the campaign trail, believes that she has a significant lead in the race and can ride President Donald Trump’s coattails with voters. She is also laying low and refusing to give Espy any platform. She is one of nine U.S. senators who have not agreed to debate. The eight remaining U.S. senators have yet to agree to debate. They are often faced with little-known, poorly-funded, or third-party challengers. READ MORE: The majority of 2020 U.S. Senators have agreed to debate. Cindy Hyde Smith has not. Espy and Hyde-Smith debated in 2018 when they were running for a special election to replace Senator Thad Cochran who had resigned due to health reasons. The then-Gov appointed Hyde-Smith. Phil Bryant was appointed to replace Cochran during the interim period before the special elections. Now, she is vying to be elected for a full six year term. Espy, who won more than 46% in 2018, is challenging her. In a video interview posted Oct. 5 by Gray DC, Hyde-Smith was asked her opinion about the upcoming vice presidential election between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. Hyde-Smith stated that it was always beneficial to hear their views on issues and to be able watch them. They are under pressure, but it is their response that matters. There are two intelligent people there and I believe it will be very beneficial.”