/USM-LSU A short history lesson

USM-LSU A short history lesson

This is the truth. LSU won one. USM has won one. The Tigers will play in Baton Rouge for the third time on Saturday night. They are the overwhelming favorite to win the series. LSU won the 1951 first meeting 13-0. They met again in 1994, when Jeff Bower’s Golden Eagles beat Curley Hallman and his Tigers 20-18. Bower was an offensive coordinator under Hallman while he was head coach at USM. Bower succeeded Hallman at USM and went on to a Hall of Famer career. It was not an accident that USM won 1994. With two minutes left, Chris Pierce’s 52 yard field goal was enough to win the game for the Eagles. Pierce had earlier hit a 32 yard field goal in the quarter to bring USM within 18-17. LSU missed a 50 yarder at the end of the quarter. Hallman was a highly successful player at USM due to the presence of Brett Favre, his quarterback. He did not have a Favre at LSU, and he never won a season. His tenure at LSU was effectively ended by the USM defeat. Joe Dean, then-LSU athletic director demanded Hallman’s resignation. Dean refused to allow Hallman to finish the season and pulled the plug. Dean allowed Hallman to finish his season, and LSU beat Arkansas 30-12 in its last game. The two have no further games. USM receives a $950,000 guarantee for this game. Rick Cleveland’s Sports Daily has more.