/As leaders continue to count votes to change state flag, Hosemann throws support behind legislative action

As leaders continue to count votes to change state flag, Hosemann throws support behind legislative action

Johnson of Natchez stated that “the more organizations that come out to support changing the flag helps.” “I am confident that we will vote on a bill before leaving… It is churning each day. “The leadership is working on the votes” A growing number of cities, towns, and other groups have stopped flying the flag, or asked for leaders to change it. Religious leaders have voiced concern, saying that changing the flag was a “moral issue.” This month, the NCAA, SEC and Conference USA took action to ban play in the state’s post-season until the flag is replaced. Hosemann stated that a replacement flag should be “In my view, our flag should bear “In God We trust” and the Seal of Mississippi. Other elected officials from the state have supported the idea of changing the state’s flag. Lynn Fitch, the Republican Attorney General, supports adding “In God We Trust” to the seal. Although she did not specifically address the Confederate battle symbol, her statement on Wednesday stated that she believes it is time to replace the state flag. Fitch stated that the addition of the motto “In God we Trust” from the State seal was the best way to show who we are to everyone. State Auditor Shad white also stated Wednesday that if there was a vote to take the Confederate imagery off our flag, he would vote to do so ….. State Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson said Wednesday that “It is my belief that any changes to the state flag should only be made by the people in Mississippi through a statewide referendum. While I support the change, it is one Mississippians should make. My sense is that our people are willing, able, and able to resolve the issue at the ballot box. “If the matter were put to a referendum, the ‘In God We Trust flag’ would be the best option to bring Mississippians from all races and backgrounds together. This goal is shared by most Mississippians,” Secretary of State Michael Watson said late Wednesday. He did not say whether he supports changing or not, but he advocated for an election. Watson stated that the Legislature gave the voters the power to change the flag in 2001. Any other option than giving them the right to vote again would be a violation of that authority. “The flag is the home we all call home. Therefore, everyone should have the right to decide whether to keep it or to change it.” Treasurer David McRae did not respond to inquiries for comment. Mike Chaney, the state insurance commissioner, stated this week that he believes elected officials should adopt a new flag that is representative of all Mississippians. Chaney stated that the moment is now for the Mississippi state flag to be removed and replaced. Governor. Tate Reeves is still opposed to the Legislature changing the flag without the people voting. Reeves has not said whether he would vote to change the flag if it was on the ballot. Our reporters gave a human face to policy’s impact on everyday Mississippians by listening more closely and understanding their communities. To ensure that our work is aligned with the priorities and needs of all Mississippians, we are listening to you. Click the button below to let us know what you think.