/A bridge near you is likely closed; locate it, show us

A bridge near you is likely closed; locate it, show us

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is closing more than 100 bridges in cities and counties that have been found to be deficient according to the federal National Bridge Inspection Standard and the Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction. According to the Office of State Aid Road Construction, 542 Mississippi local bridges had been closed as of April 10. Place your cursor in the graphic below to view which counties have closed bridges. Zoom in and out buttons at the bottom of the Google Map below will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of closed bridges. To view the details of the bridge, click on the hammer icon. The green car icons signify bridges that have been closed, but were recently reopened. The yellow wrench icon indicates bridges that have recently received bond money. If you have a photo of a closed bridge, please upload it to our database. Click here to add it to our Google Map. Get the most recent information on Mississippi bridge closings.