/In The Thick’ and Mississippi Today tackle voting rights, immigration and more in live Jackson events

In The Thick’ and Mississippi Today tackle voting rights, immigration and more in live Jackson events

The podcast, featuring Maria Hinojosa, a journalist who has won numerous awards, and Julio Ricardo Varela, a reporter, will be partnering with Mississippi Today to host a live broadcast on Tuesday, February 18, about the upcoming primary election and issues related to voters of color in Mississippi. They will be joined on Tuesday by Ryan Nave, Editor-in-Chief of Mississippi Today, and Arekia Bennett (executive director of Mississippi Votes). The show will be opened by Amanda Furdge, poet and author. Erika Dilday (executive director of Futuro Media), the non-profit organization behind the podcast, said, “I’m so excited that ‘In the Thicks’ award winning brand of political podcasting will be brought to Mississippi,”. “I’m proud to partner Mississippi Today on what will be an engaging, insightful discussion.” The second live show, Wednesday February 19, at the Alamo Theatre, will explore immigration’s role this year’s election, and the effects of Trump’s policies. It will also discuss last year’s raids on meat processing plants in the state. Nearly 700 people were detained in the workplace raids which officials described as the most significant single-state immigration enforcement operation in America. Wednesday’s guests include Rukia Lumumba of the People’s Advocacy Institute, and Lorena Quiroz Lewis, the lead organizer for Working Together Mississippi and Mississippi Immigrant Coalition. The show will be opened by Teneia, a musician and songwriter. Mary Margaret White, CEO and founder of the digital-only nonprofit news website, said that Mississippi Today was proud to partner with “In the Thick” for their Mississippi dates. Our journalists were on the ground reporting on the topics being discussed on the live shows. We know Mississippians want to have conversations with important stories, and we are happy to be there.” Futuro Media’s In the Thick, a twice weekly roundtable podcast hosted shows all over the globe, including in Mexico City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. As the team travels across the country ahead of 2020, the show stops in Jackson. Mississippi’s primaries will take place on March 10. Live shows are free to the public. Please RSVP to reserve your seat. The Alamo Theatre, 333 N. Farish St. Jackson, hosts both events. RSVP here for the Tuesday February 18th event.