/Key state Democrats helped pass 2007 law to ban abortions if Roe overturned

Key state Democrats helped pass 2007 law to ban abortions if Roe overturned

In 2007, the Mississippi Legislature passed the law that would allow abortions when the mother’s health is at risk or in cases of rape. The law was passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 2007. Jamie Franks, a former Representative from Mooreville, served as the chairman of the state Democratic Party and Steve Holland, D.Plantersville. Holland was the chair of the House Public Health Committee at the time. Holland stated that he was fed up with the numerous “not picky bills” anti-abortion activists were trying to pass in order to limit the number of abortions in the country when the legislation was passed from his committee. Holland said that he thought he would end the situation by introducing legislation to ban abortions in the event Roe is overturned. Holland told anti-abortion activists that he didn’t need to introduce another bill. With the retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, this issue is now in focus. Kennedy was a pivotal swing vote on many court issues. Some observers believe that Trump’s new appointee could reverse the Roe V. Wade decision, which was made in the 1970s and guaranteed a woman’s right for abortion. According to a Center for Reproductive Rights study, Mississippi is one the four states that have laws in place which immediately make abortion illegal if Roe V. Wade is overturned. Louisiana, North Dakota and South Dakota are the other states. Holland called for a meeting of the Public Health Committee in 2007, just before the deadline. Holland called for the consideration of a bill that dealt with parental notification prior to a minor receiving an abortion. Franks added an amendment that would prohibit all abortions. It states that it will take effect 10 days after publication by the attorney General of Mississippi. “The attorney general has determined the United States Supreme Court has overruled Roe v. Wade and that it’s reasonably probable that this section will be upheld as constitutional by the Court.” Only one clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization performs abortions within the state. Holland isn’t happy about the possibility that Mississippi will ban abortion, even though he was a key player in the passage of the 2007 bill. “I believe that women should make the decision on this issue. I don’t like abortion. He said that he doesn’t believe anyone does. Franks, who was elected to the state House in three terms representing parts of Lee, Itawamba, and Tishomingo Counties, said that he was and still is anti-abortion. Franks, who was the chair of the state Democratic Party’s 2000s committee and is currently the chair of the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee, stated that he was a pro-life Democrat. “I believe that we should value life. He said: “The difference between Republicans and me is that Republicans believe that we should protect life up until they get them here, but don’t want to protect life afterwards.” Lt. Governor. Tate Reeves stated to Mississippi Today that he is committed to making Mississippi the most safest state in America for unborn children. Governor. Gov. It is very abstract.” Taylor stated that he doesn’t believe the Supreme Court would reverse Roe V Wade, even with a new Trump nominee, but instead “move towards common sense protection”, which he believes could include limiting the time an abortion can be performed. Laurie Roberts, cofounder and executive director at the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund said that she was familiar with the 2007 law. Fears that Mississippi will be “in an abortion desert” as surrounding states will follow Mississippi’s lead and ban abortion, and only wealthy people will have access to abortion. The new 15-week ban on abortion that was passed during the 2018 Mississippi legislative session could be a challenge to Roe. Terri Herring, an anti abortion lobbyist from Mississippi, stated that she can recall when the 2007 law was passed. She also said that it could be in effect if Roe V. Wade is overturned. She said that there are many other Mississippi laws restricting abortions, which have been blocked by courts. However, they could be put into effect if the Court with new justices stops short of overturning Roe but gives states more power to limit abortions. Staci Fox, Planned Parenthood Southeast’s chief executive officer, stated that “Make no mistake: the right to access abortion is at stake.” She asked the Senate to reject any nominee that would restrict people’s individual rights or freedoms.